The 'C' word!

Well it's started already, the dreaded Christmas shopping! I've spent the last three Sunday's traipsing around West Quay in Southampton, looking for inspiration. It seems Lush is a hit with my 12 year old daughter this year! On entering the shop there is an overwhelming scent that fills the air, she loved it, my son however, was reaching for his inhaler and left the building in a flash!

Now that I have braved the business of a shopping centre it's time to go back to shopping locally for those more unique gifts. We are lucky in this neck of the woods to have some local high streets nearby that offer a different shopping experience. Hythe is fab, obviously as it is the home of Toys Ahoy! I also like to venture into Lymington (my home town) and browse the high street and Beaulieu has some lovely gift shops if you're looking for something original. 

So, our top tips for this Christmas....

Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty! 

CrazSlimy Creations! 

Sticky Mosaics!
Dear Diary Sticky Mosaics 999

Posted in News by Amanda on 17/10/2017

Code Breaker!

Our Top Model Secret Diary and Ylvi and the Minimoomis Diary have been an absolute best seller! Over the last few weeks we have had many enquires as to how to reset the code. Unfortunately the instructions to do this are on the inside cover of the diary! So we thought we would help out any desperate children and parents to reset their codes! 

1.  In case you don't remember your code: press 1, 3 and 0 together at the same time and hold this combination for 4          seconds. 

2.  To reset your password press and hold the * button for 3 seconds immediately after the lock is opened.

3.   You will have 10 seconds to enter your new four-digit code. Press the hash tag sign to confirm the new password           and save it! 
Top Model Diary Plays a Tune 1799

Ylvi the Miminoomis Diary With Code Sound And Light 1799

Posted in News by Amanda on 31/01/2017

Panic Buys!

Yikes, I have literally just been to the wardrobe and had a count up of stocking fillers! I thought all was good and everything was even! Nope, not a chance, I'm eleven out! How did that happen? So tomorrow will bring a mad dash down to the shop (Toys Ahoy!) to stock up on what can only be described as Panic Buys! Happy Crimbo folks! 

Some of our best buys this jolly season! 

Room Lights Origami £13.99 

Bubble Science £14.99 

Emoji Sound Machine! £5.99 

Posted in News by Amanda on 22/12/2016

Strictly Fever!

Does anyone else have a Strictly routine or is it just us? Everyone has a certain seat in our house in order to get the best view, Ruby and Patrick are armed with a notepad and pencil to write down everyone's scores! Ruby gives us all a running commentary of who scored what in earlier weeks, and sometimes previous years, (not at all tedious)! Husband mutters occasionally from a comfy chair, angled slightly away from the television! There's nibbles, wine and lots of laughing especially when Patrick attempts some of the moves! Love Saturday night telly all over again! 

Something Sparkly! Top Model Dance - Costume Design £8.99

Posted in News by Amanda on 16/10/2015

Bake Off!

Well, it was all tears last night in our house! What a fantastic final of the Great British Bake Off! Nadiya was wonderful and the runners up made the final worth watching! Myself and the children have made a few cakes ourselves over the years (nothing to Bake Off standards obviously) but worthy of a mention! A pirate ship, a carousel, a hidden sweetie cake to name but a few, all went smoothly however, I do find slightly overcooking the sponge makes construction a little easier and eliminates the dreaded soggy bottom! 

To practice your Bake Off skills from an early age, try our cooking play set a bargain at £12.99!

Posted in News by Amanda on 08/10/2015

Birthday week!

It's all go in our house this week! Number two child (Patrick) has just turned 7 and number one child (Ruby) is just about to turn 10! She still finds it hard to comprehend that Patrick is younger but his birthday comes first! We have never gone down the road of buying the other child a present when it's not their birthday just to keep them happy, but this year on Patrick's birthday, I did cave in and I bought them both something to play together (what have I started?)! 

Well it was only £5.99 and it appealed to their sense of humour! Happpy Birthday Dunlop Kids! 

Posted in News by Amanda on 29/09/2015


I can safely say that on many occasions I have attempted to throw and catch a boomerang! The throwing part is easy and actually the bringing back part works well if you have a dog! But I would really like to become an expert! So I've come across this clip of how exactly to succeed in the art of boomerang throwing....

Just in case you fancy the challenge, here's one just for you!

Ideas for Christmas!

Well folks, there's no point denying it any more, Christmas is creeping towards us at an alarming rate! To help you decide on which gift to buy we have compiled a selection of our favourite toys this year! Enjoy browsing our website if you have any queries or feed back drop us an email at [email protected] or give us a call on 023 80849388! 
Make Your Own Bouncy Ball Kit 799
This is fab, creative, fun and the balls actually bounce! Priced at 7.99. 

Drinking Glasses 350
No New Years Eve party would be complete without some Drinking Glasses, only £3.50! 

Connect 4 Dunk 999
Those who remember the classic game Connect 4 will love this new version! Priced at £9.99. 

Djeco - Snowglobe Night Light Woodland Fawn 2999
So cute, this battery operated snow globe/night light by Djeco will make you feel cosy on a cold winters night! 
Topanifarm Stacking Blocks - Djeco 1699
These fantastic blocks by Djeco come with all the little animals who live in each cube! A great price at £16.99

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